1985 Bimota DB1 Racer For Sale
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92 honest-to-goodness rear wheel horsepower in a perfectly set-up package that weighs less than 300 pounds. Arguably the fastest DB1 in North America and likely the only one set-up for serious track day work.

Noted moto journalist, Chief Instructor at Yamaha Champions Riding School and Sport Riding Techniques author Nick Ienatsch rode the bike at Mosport last week and had this to say: "Buy it. My experience on Steve's DB-1 at Mosport couldn't have been more positive. He rolled it off the trailer Saturday morning, we rode the hell out of it all weekend, and he rode it back onto the trailer Sunday night. All Steve did was add gas. Bulletproof and extremely fun, surprisingly quick...probably the fourth-quickest lap time in the fast group at DOCC. The motor pulls strong, the bike sounds right and the chassis is sorted and composed at the limit. The problems? All the new sport bikes in the way during lapping!!"

The machine started out as a pretty tired and far removed from stock DB1 that was brought over from Europe by the previous owner and as such, it made an excellent candidate for a full-on hot-rod. The bike was completely stripped-down and I started on the process of renewing all the rolling chassis components and rebuilding the motor over a period of 22 months. The end result is an absolute riot on the race track – really sharp handling as would be expected with a platform as short as the DB1, but with excellent stability. With 93hp and 63ftlbs of torque, the little bike goes like a scalded cat. Given that the Montjuich cams are being used, I would have expected a more peaky delivery, but the Meyers Performance 790 kit beefed-up the bottom end significantly. As you can see by the dyno chart in the pics, peak torque is at 6,500rpm and there’s usable stuff as low as 5,500.

I’ve ridden the bike at the Ducati Owners Club events at Mosport in July 2013 and May 2014 as well as at NHIS in October 2013 - and have been amazed at how well the whole package worked at speed. The DB1 Is surprisingly comfortable and easy to ride fast – and absolutely gorgeous sounding. My log shows 6 hours of riding time on the motor and I just completed a full post-track day service.

Here are the specs on the build:


DB1 chassis, swing arm with new swing arm pin, motor mount spacers and steering head bearings / races
Custom battery box with a Shorai L-ion battery – also mounts the Kokusan ignitors, solenoid and new regulator
Custom mounts for Dyna 3-ohm coils
Custom oil cooler mount, Starlight hoses with Earls fittings
Custom oil cooler and feed/return adapters
Carbon fiber dash
Domino quick action throttle
Custom built Stadium shock with rebound + hi/lo speed compression adjustment
Rebuilt DB1 series Marzocchi M1Rs
PM 17” spun aluminum wheels with Pirelli Superbike Slicks (SC1 front and SC2 rear)
300mm EBC full floating rotors with Brembo P3034 calipers and Menani caliper adapters
Braided steel hydraulic lines
Custom rear caliper mount and Brembo racing 2-piston caliper
Milled footpeg hangers
AFAM lightweight front & rear sprockets
Brembo 996 brake and clutch pumps
Airtech bodywork (this is the first pull they did off the mold and is much lighter than normal
Paint by Peach Pit (Robbi Nigl)
Custom wiring harness
Aluminum & titanium fasteners throughout
loudbike open NCR replica exhaust in 304 stainless


750 F1 (Montjuich) base with Meyers Performance 12:1 790cc kit
Lightened clutch basket, clutch housing, primaries, flywheel and clutch cover
JPrecision heads (Stage IV Pantah) with new valves, guides & seats
Montjuich ("P") cams with Bucchi adjustable pulleys – timing set at 102.5 degrees at lobe centers)
Malossi 41mm carbs
Modified Old Racing Spares cam end covers
Top-end lubrication via cam end cover feed
Exact Fit timing belts
New Kokusan pick-ups
Aluminum & Titanium fasteners throughout
Dyno tuned to 93hp and 63ftlbs of torque (I terminated the pulls at 8,500rpm, so there’s more on tap)

Please check out the dyno pull videos at www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tVaaTTa3jA&feature=share&amp... and www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5hU55YhUYY&feature=share&amp... . Note that I was still fooling around with jetting in the first video, so you can see the stumble as the motor came out of the lower rpm range. The final jetting set up has the motor pulling cleanly from 4,000rpm. The 2nd video is one of the heat cycle sessions as I was breaking the motor in. You can also track the progress of the build on my blog:







And finally, there are hi-rez copies of the pics used in this listing at: www.flickr.com/photos/loudbike/sets/72157634524192692/ To get to the hi-rez images, select one and then click on the icon in the lower right of the page (three white dots) and select view all sizes from the drop-down menu.

There are a few surface cracks developing in the bodywork that are most visible in the hi-rez pics (it’s inevitable; the bodywork is paper-thin except in the main support area between the four mounting studs).

This is a fully-sorted track bike that’s ready to go. Add gas, tickle the carbs, push the starter button and have at it!

This is a rare and unique machine. Consider that a standard DB1 in decent shape will fetch north of $19k: add 30 reliable HP, knock almost 60lbs off the curb weight, upgrade the wheels, suspension & brakes and you get a sense for what it would cost to build this machine. Reserve has been set accordingly.

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