Apples and Oranges? Bed Bugs and Apple Seeds.

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    Male and female adult bed bugs in both unfed and fed conditions playing around their plant part look-a-likes, apple seeds. They can't tell the difference either and readily crawl over the apple seeds in a manner similar to what they do in their harborages. Both male and female bed bugs can have elongated abdomens after feeding. Males did not try to mate with the apple seeds. Any pale or dark waste droppings are from the bugs. Apple seeds don't move much at all, they have no legs. They are plump, but haven't fed. Blue line squares are 1/4 inch size. You must realize by now that I don't like to describe bed bugs as looking like apple seeds. Bed bugs look like bed bugs. It's important to familiarize yourself with good images of nymph and adult bed bugs, their waste material, and their shed skins to be able to properly identify unknown insects you may come across in your home or while on the road.

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    1. noctivaga 44 months ago | reply

      i LOVE your tutorial, and also love your sense of humor. These are the best depictions of bed bugs I've seen. Can't for the life of me figure out how you got these shots (I'm not a photographer), but they're perfect. Thank you.

    2. louento.pix 37 months ago | reply

      night sky I took the pictures and then cut out the close-up images and made the collage. Smallest aperture size of camera. Manual focus and then move camera back and forth to find the clearest and most focused image.

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