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    Bed bug first instar nymph full and getting ready to stop, crawl away and hide. AMNH-Sorkin&Mercurio

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    1. frempage 54 months ago | reply

      may you please provide the lens specification that you're using in this photo?

    2. lolab7777 53 months ago | reply

      KEROSENE kills bedbugs instantly! I'm testing to if it will kill their eggs. This info came from reliable sources who had to deal with bed bug some 40 or 50 years ago.

    3. michael_swan 51 months ago | reply

      I'm working on a story about a social enterprise run by the Good Shepherd Mission in Toronto which gives formerly homeless men work experience preparing apartments to be sprayed for bed bugs. I may wish to use this photo in The Catholic Register, a national weekly in Canada. If we use it, how should we attribute it?


    4. baby1629 48 months ago | reply

      ewwweeee.......bed bugs lke serisly dieeeee...

    5. baby1629 48 months ago | reply

      omg.....bed bugs are rilly hard to get rid offf

    6. Tapatio2011 [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

      I'm not big on Socialism, but we are taxed so much, this should be a "Paid For" extermination process. Found one on me last night in this stage. Just moved in, and have been fighting them for about a month which means i must not have gotten the eggs before they hatched. One of the most MISERABLE experiences ever. Stayed up all night steaming and with a spray gun. Now I'm exhausted, and every time i itch I think it is a bed bug and most likely it is!!!!

    7. wrongwaydianne 33 months ago | reply

      why are they called Instar nymphs?

    8. louento.pix 30 months ago | reply

      Instar refers to an immature stage of development. There are 5 bed bug instars or nymphal instars and then the adult male and female.

    9. louento.pix 21 months ago | reply

      instar is the term used for the stage between successive molts and it is one of the nymph stages.

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