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    My god did that thing scare me.

    1. Mattanalogue (matthijs rouw) ages ago | reply

      And then he walked up to you .. JUMPED .. and started purring while walking between and around your legs?

    2. fofurasfelinas ages ago | reply

      wow! is that a cat? thank you for the lovely music, I didn't know it, very sweet!

    3. lotje ages ago | reply

      I'm glad you liked it:)

      The mysterious creature above is indeed just my little cute wolfje!

    4. *Zig* ages ago | reply

      Koplampjes! :)

    5. Crinity ages ago | reply

      I'd like to recommend this night terror for the Disturbing Small Furry Animal pool!

    6. lotje ages ago | reply

      lol! ok:)

    7. squiddity of toronto ages ago | reply

      Eerie! The way he's just outside of the pool of light, kind of far away, makes it look like one of those photos that are supposed to prove the existence of the yeti, or something. DEMON CAT CAUGHT ON FILM! EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!

    8. b-real ages ago | reply


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