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    .... for all Canadians....who celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend...... and all Americans... who celebrate much later than we do in Canada.... have a Happy Holiday....!!

    I know... this is a repost... what can I do...the sun is shining and I have to go out now to make new pics :-)

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    1. WHO 2003 38 months ago

      Beautiful image !

    2. sunny-drunk 29 months ago

      it should be British thanksgiving too................getting rid of the damn place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. losy 29 months ago

      the Brits would like this good place back.... but we let them only in as visitors now !

    4. musing... 29 months ago

      Love this still life.

    5. daniel.virella 29 months ago

      I love this photo!!!

    6. Jordi AC 29 months ago

      What a great composition!!!!

    7. sunny-drunk 29 months ago

      all these lazy bastards who repost all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Irene2727 29 months ago

      Excellent creativity, shadows and selective color
      seen in:
      Nature as Abstract Artist

    9. B*i*B 29 months ago

      Fantastic! With the addition of lines, it really has a wonderful feel!

      seen in:
      Nature as Abstract Artist

    10. weltreisender2000 29 months ago

      selective fall harvest color and silvery tones that hint of Christmas yet to come

    11. walkinginspace pt2.... 29 months ago

      damn!!! how good is this miss Losy....

    12. Canoecat 28 months ago

      Great shot! You should consider adding it, (or any other Pumpkin photo you've taken), to **HARMONY**'s "Pumpkins" contest! *Remember, if you add a different Pumpkin photo to the Contest, it has to be in, (or be added to), the **HARMONY** group pool*.
      Here's a link to the contest:

      Seen in:
      **HARMONY**(Post 1-Comment 3)

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