Eastland Mall 2
More pics of Tulsa's Eastland Mall, a dying shopping mall. It lost 1 of 2 remaining anchors, Mervyn's at the end of Jan 2006. Also includes interior pics of Mickey's, which is surprisingly nice.

Update: Mervyn's was the the last of the anchor stores to leave Eastland Mall, leaving it nearly completely abandoned. The mall has been purchased and is undergoing a 45 million dollar renovation. It's being converted into a mixed use facility, with minimal retail. Coca Cola has already opened offices in the vacant JC Penney location, and in Nov. 2008, they relocated the drivers' license office from Jenks to the newly dubbed Eastgate Metroplex. The Mervyn's is currently being completely renovated, with windows added along both floors and a new facade. The University of Phoenix - Tulsa will be relocating to this location upon completion.

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