Pearsonville Junkyard
The Pearsonville Junkyard you see in this collection of images no longer exists. The yard was liquidated in early 2011 and most of the vehicles are now gone.

As you can see in Joe Reifer's pano night shots. in the yard, there are about two hundred cars left, packed in a small section of the yard that has since been heavily fenced. The rest of this immense site is just empty dirt, almost as if this epic junkyard was never there.

I’m not surprised it happened. Over thirty years of exploring abandoned places and junkyards I’ve seen hundreds of locations disappear. Pearsonville is no different.

But the inevitability in knowing that I’d eventually see it disappear didn’t make it any easier. For me Pearsonville was special.

Between 2008 and 2011, I spent an unprecedented thirty nights inside the fence, shooting by the light of the full moon, many of them while leading more than 40 people on night photography workshops.

I shot thousands of minutes-long time exposures and I ended up with just under 500 finished images. In all those visits I never ran out of things to shoot. I still feel like I left many images on the table. Lots of unfinished business . . .

I combed every inch of the place and discovered magic everywhere; from its smallest details, to its endless vistas and insanely surreal skies.

This massive gallery of images has become a requiem for a place that no longer exists. I forged a tremendous connection to the place and I will miss it.

These images shot in March, June, July, October 2008, March, October 2009, March, April, September 2010 and March 2011.

Some multi-exposure compositing, contrast adjustments and minor cloning on a few of these, but the lighting FX and color are all done in-camera. These are not Photoshop creations.

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