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A North American F-86 Sabre fuselage, a Korean war-era jet fighter, stored in the desert. Location undisclosed at the owner's request. There are at least five complete F-86's here, awaiting reassembly.


Night, heavily occluded full moon. Combination of two 2-munute exposures for DOF. Natural LED flashlight, red-geled strobe.


At the beginning of this night's shoot, in the total dark, before the moon rose, a combination of heavily gusting wind, and a bump, knocked my tripod over. The mount ripped out the bottom of the camera and the lower section of the body was sprung. But it still worked! I did 16 set ups that night with the camera gaffer's taped to the tripod. I only lost one set up to camera movement FTW. It was a classic Lost America ghetto kludge. I wish someone had taken a picture of it. My poor old 20D is beyond repair though. Hoping the tooth fairy brings me a new camera this week.

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Taken on March 20, 2011