Color System Color Strategy Exhibition
Color System, Color Strategy
September 24th – October 23rd, 2010
Visual Arts Gallery,
University of Texas at Dallas

A mixed media exhibition of local and national artists who explore their own unique strategies for color as a subject and system in a work of art. Brochure available. All works courtesy of the artist unless otherwise stated.

Julie Shapiro (NY)
Cassandra Emswiler (TX)
James Van Arsdale (CA)
Renuke Ekbote (TX)
Brian Bulfer (NJ)
Karey Ellen Kessler (WA)

Curated by Lorraine Tady

Upstairs Mezzanine Gallery, student "Color is a guest..." show:
Clayton Browning
Albert Salinas
Jack Sheely
Caitlin Barrett Ray
Adnan Razvi
Julie Pannell
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