Drawing Quote Unquote
Drawing Quote Unquote
Jan 15 - Feb 12, 2016

Edith O'Donnell Visual Arts Gallery
ATC 1.705, 1.701 and
Grand South Exhibition Hallway (outside of Lecture Hall)
University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson, TX

Curated by
Lorraine Tady

Through the work of local and emerging artists, Drawing Quote Unquote explores various ways to interpret the notion of drawing. Plans or diagrams distill intent much differently than a doodle, but both draw a line. One may draw a line in space with movement, a piece of wire or thread, or pour light through celluloid projecting a line. The exhibition also highlights traditional mark making and drawing processes such as working values on toned paper and staining, stamping, etching, inking and frottage. The contemporary artists in Drawing Quote Unquote continue the dynamic history of “drawing” to humor, communicate, express and politicize.

Participating Artists

Shelby Cunningham
Ben Bascombe
K. Yoland
Rebecca Carter
Ryder Richards
David Willburn
Nicholas C. Mathis
Fred Villanueva
Vincent Falsetta
Erik Schuessler
Vance Wingate
Kristen Cochran
Marcelyn McNeil
Jeff Gibbons
Sandra Lara
Heyd Fontenot
Michael A. Morris
Sara Cardona
John A. Hernandez
Mary Ellen Lacy
Doug Land
Peter Ligon
Bruce Lee Webb
Olive Gee Hellstrom
Joachim West
Shawn Mayer
William Binnie
Zoetina Veal
Teresa Gomez-Martorell
Spencer Brown-Pearn
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