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Photo Share Podcast Part 2 | by lorenzodom
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Photo Share Podcast Part 2



July 7, 2008, San Jose, CA:


Photo Share Podcast, Part II


This week I'm working low-tech via the heart of of high-tech central, Silicon Valley, where I was born and grew up in San Jose, California.


The boys and I are visiting my family and I'm siphoning access from Grandpa (i.e. my father) and thus working with his bare-bones equipment (i.e. no Photoshop, no Microsoft Office, no photo editing software whatsoever), so my postings and work will be rather limited for the next week.


Nonetheless and allthemore, I just found out that Part II of was just posted over this holiday weekend.


Hence, since I will not have many images to share this week, I encourage you to listen to what I have to say about my work and the art and business of photography.


During my conversation with Bill and Sandra, we talk about many things including:


1. What my college girlfriend taught me about photography in the dark room...


2. How I ruined my first (35mm) camera


3. What constitutes "commercial" photography, esp. on flickr?


4. What is the difference between erotica vs. pornography?


5. Why I decided to terminate my book contract and self-publish 25 Lessons instead.




Part 2 starts at 8:20 in the podcast and ends at about 33:00, making it almost 25 minutes long.


Thanks for listening!






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