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Getting A "Blow Job..." | by lorenzodom
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Getting A "Blow Job..."

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Getting A "Blow Job"


Sorry, but I just had to post this gem. I walked into the restroom at the Port Authority bus terminal this morning and there was this older "gentleman" at the hand dryer playin' with his pecker. "whoa," I said to myself, and immediately followed that thought with "I've got to take a picture of this!" So, albeit, i'm really not into lewd photography or taking photos which compromise the reputation of someone, I figured this one was anoymous and notable enough to post. Hence, I pulled mine out (my camera that is) and snapped this beauty.


Anthony Burgess, the British novelist once said, "Most artists are highly sexed. Sex and creativity go together. Sex keeps you alive." So, you think this guy's an artist?




About 90 days ago I began a fantastic journey that has led me astray, askew, sideways and down many an untrodden path (if only by me). And oh, what a beautiful trek it has been! (Thus far that is, for darling we have only just begun…)


So, in great reverence to holy trinity of chance, determination, and circumstance, I offer 25 More Lessons (I Have) Learned in honor of this serendipitous occasion.


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