3-D crosseye stereogram of bubble blowing

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    3-D Cross-eye stereogram
    Scatophaga stercoria blowing a bubble. Stare at the pic, slightly de-focus and cross your eyes until a third image appears in the middle and then try to relax your eyes to see a stable 3-D image. If you can visualise this one, try the large size.

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    1. Lookatit (Bob) 66 months ago | reply

      Well, that's not so easy as you told/wrote to Brian V, when making a macro, isn't it?! Certainly not when making a macro at this enlargement.
      You must have had a device for it, I think!

    2. Lord V 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks again for the comments :)

      Lookatit - just using my standard macrophotography rig (DSLR & macro lens) - 2 shots with a little lateral movement in between them.
      Brian v.

    3. halong01234 66 months ago | reply

      wow - you have stunning macros in 3D - Good works

      btw, I'm an admin for a group called Macro 3D, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    4. PicturePerfectNina [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      Okay, I'm having trouble with the 3-D stereogram. Which photo do I look at; the left one or the right one or do I look at the line in the middle? Qhat do you mean by 'cross your eyes'? I've tried thumbnail, small and normal size. Please, help me, Thanks.


    5. Lord V 62 months ago | reply

      Nina - try this - sit with your eyes about 2 feet from the screen with the large size image displayed.
      Hold up a finger about 4" in front of your nose and focus on it. (this forces you to go cross-eyed) You should see a third picture appears between the original two pictures in the background. Now try to slide your finger out of the way whilst keeping the third picture in view. You will find the picture in the middle is in stereo.
      Brian v.

    6. PicturePerfectNina [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      I'm trying your steps, getting the image in the middle. However, as you know my finger is in the way, everytime I go to move my finger the image goes away =(. Anyway I'll try later on. Thank you for the tip.


    7. Lord V 62 months ago | reply

      Nina- it does take a bit of practice - you are trying to train your eyes/brain. Once you get it it's like riding a bike- you don't forget how to do it. I do this so frequently my eyes/brain do the correct thing everytime I see a picture pair.
      Brian v.

    8. rawshooter72 62 months ago | reply

      Wonderful details.
      The cross-view magic worked for me some days ago, it's a great new world.

      Wow! 1300 stereo macros!!
      I know how to spend my time the next months ;-)

    9. PicturePerfectNina [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      I'll keep practicing. I think I'm getting there. Doesnt help when your eyes are itchy, however. Thanks for all your help. Great picture 3-D or not anyway. Pretty awesome when you get get a picture of a fly blowing a bubble once let alone twice to see it 3-D. Never knew flies could do that, pretty awesome for a fly.


    10. Un-Alien-able 60 months ago | reply

      Bloody Awesome Macro!

    11. BlkDarkness 58 months ago | reply

      I use to use this system a long time ago but, I see what you did here to make it more 3-Dish. Good Job

    12. andy6white 55 months ago | reply

      best one ive seen so far!!

    13. Ram Iyer Photography 54 months ago | reply

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    14. Phomadic 40 months ago | reply

      really? why would i want to do that? the pic on the left is sharp and beautiful, that's good enough for me.

    15. MomentsR4ever 36 months ago | reply

      That effect is well brilliant, worth it indeed!

    16. Lord V 19 months ago | reply

      Hi szoboti - certainly is my image.

    17. szoboti.tamas 19 months ago | reply

      If you need any help taking it dow, let me know

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