• I like what you did here. - {eeza}
  • Thanks, I needed to add something on top of the area there, so I felt that the Hero Factory cores worked well.
  • Supreme sexiness!!! :D - Leaith
  • Something's missing here. - Ben Cossy
  • This transition between system and barnice is fantastic, perfect fit! - Cole Blaq
  • Oh, now this I didn't see. Nicely done, man! - ~Felix the Cat~
  • Totally NPU! - MeGustaKapusta
  • This is not something new. It is the same design as in the Rattlecopter set. - ϟ Sparks ϟ
  • I agree on that. However it does not really matters since spaceships can have the most weird designs :D - ϟ Sparks ϟ
  • Seconded. - Danny-Longlegs
  • Nothing's missing there, lol. The black liftarms are meant to be guns. So they aren't part of the body structure itself.
  • Thanks!
  • It looks the same from the front, but I altered internally (and the behind). So there isn't a gap, and the helmet is more stable.
  • I just meant it feels like something should be in the gap, but anyway overall this looks great :D - Ben Cossy
  • Thanks you two.
  • Your welcome! - Leaith

S.S. Obnoxious

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For round 2 of my match-up with Felix the Cat. The theme was to make a MOC that had an "obnoxious" colour scheme.

I decided to be a bit more original and make a spaceship, rather than something organic. I'm happy of how this turned out, although I wish it didn't take me so long to make this. Although I will admit, that the main colour scheme could have clashed some more. But I felt that the subtle bits of other colours helped make this look more "obnoxious".


Credit to Equuinox for editing the main picture, his editing looks far better than mine.


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  1. halfbeak 35 months ago | reply

    Nice. I particularly like the power block at the rear and the use of the helmet as the jet cone.

  2. {eeza} 35 months ago | reply

    Awesome! I really like the colors.

  3. Lord-Oblivion 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks, glad both of you like it.

  4. Umm, Who? 35 months ago | reply

    Phew, what is that obnoxious smell... (totally not trying to make a really bad joke and there is definitely no emphasis on obnoxious...)

  5. justin pyne 35 months ago | reply

    Very striking color scheme. I really enjoy the sculpting on the body

  6. Masked Builder 35 months ago | reply

    The shaping and colors are great!

  7. ϟ Sparks ϟ 35 months ago | reply

    First time I see a moc from you that has a fair amount of system bits. I like it

  8. Kingmarshy 35 months ago | reply


  9. Lord-Oblivion 35 months ago | reply

    Yeah, this one used a lot of system bits, I wanted to utilize some of those parts from the Ninjago Rattlecopter. Thanks bro.
    Thanks all =)

  10. Derek Almen 35 months ago | reply

    Agreed on the colors being great. If you'd thrown some new brown in and idk, earth or dark orange, then I probably would've said it was indeed ugly.

  11. Lord-Oblivion 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks, I tried to add another color, but nothing really seemed to work without disrupting the flow of the MOC =/
    Thank you.

  12. Shmupii 35 months ago | reply

    Man, the way you flowed the brown 4x4 tile to the fin is absolutely wonderful, and that back engine is pretty sweet too. <3

  13. Lord-Oblivion 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks bro, glad you like it. I may have to point out that the tile and fin are both dark red, just so you know =P The back engine was where this all started, I wanted to re-use that technique, since I felt that it worked perfectly as an engine.

  14. n7mereel 34 months ago | reply

    Looks great!

  15. SharkyProductionz [deleted] 32 months ago | reply

    Ahhh! My short attention span is going crazy!

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