• This part right here is soooo damn good. - ~Felix the Cat~
  • Thanks bro :) I really had to plan beforehand to make this head work, cause I knew it was going to have to be the centerpiece of the MOC
  • Everything is perfect on this MOC
    Except these studs =/ - ϟ Sparks ϟ
  • Good news, I fixed the open bit, tis all covered now ^_^

Chaos Dragon

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Hope you enjoy the nature picture, as the MOC was too large for me to take quality pictures in my lightbox.

Took around 3 days to fully finish, the most stubborn part was to make the wings stable enough, yet still fairly large. Due to them being made predominantly of dino tails, 10 per wing (so i made use of all 20 of mine as you can tell). Look in the gallery for a better view of the wings.

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  1. Lord-Oblivion 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks primus :)

    Yeah I guess I did :P Thanks I'll go and be happy now :3

  2. arcanemettles 46 months ago | reply

    Always on the lookout for cool new wing designs. Very cool! Whole thing's cool actually.

  3. Lord-Oblivion 46 months ago | reply

    Thank you! I was happy how the wings turned out, my love for those dinotails can only keep growing lol. Glad you like the MOC :)

  4. ϟ Sparks ϟ 46 months ago | reply

    Incredible =D
    What else to say, only one complaint. Cover those studs!

  5. PUGATRON [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    Ace bro.

  6. Gamma-Raay 46 months ago | reply

    Great job! I love the theme the Dino Tails carry through the moc! Possibly add some to the tail if you ever bulk it up a bit but great job!

  7. Lord-Oblivion 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys.
    Thanks! Yeah I really do love dino tails <3 I'f I do get more I would definantly add them, but I did use all 20 of mine on those wings xD

  8. Gatanui 46 months ago | reply

    Very impressive.

    ~Gata. ;)

  9. Αrc 46 months ago | reply

    I gotta say, bro, this is one of your best works ever. There are a few things I would fix, though. One would be to change the throwbot and Toa Mata feet on the forelegs to black, and the technic beams on the sides to white, to keep the stripe consistent. The other would be to make the base of the tail wider. But honestly, those really are small flaws. It looks amazing anyway. :>

  10. Lord-Oblivion 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks Gata :D

    Thanks bro :) Ah yes the forearms of the front limbs :/ Sadly I do not have those technic beams in white, thats why I made those parts white, but what you said was actually my original idea. I'll try fixing that base if I can, but its gonna be tough :P Thanks bro I'm reall glad that you like it ^_^

  11. Αrc 45 months ago | reply

    You know, I could replace those parts for you...

    E: Also, I suggest getting rid of the System parts. They don't work so well. :/

  12. Lord-Oblivion 45 months ago | reply

    Lol that can work :P

    Oh dont worry about that, they were bothering me so i took off the armor on the body, fixed the problem, and the armor looks the same now, but the open studs are covered :)

  13. ChocolateFrogs 45 months ago | reply

    Are you going to send this to BrickFair?!?! :D

    Fantastic dragon here!

  14. Lord-Oblivion 45 months ago | reply

    Yeah you'll be seeing this, my Sparring Droid, and my tank :D Maybe some other little MOCs, if possible ;)

    Glad you like it :)

  15. Doctor Mobius 45 months ago | reply

    Extremely awesome!

  16. Logan McOwen 45 months ago | reply

    Rawr! This is so awesome, as I expressed on FB!

  17. Lord-Oblivion 45 months ago | reply

    Thanks lewi Glad you like it =D

  18. daniasosa 44 months ago | reply


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