Drachenwald 12th night coronation (2009)
The coronation of the new king and queen of Drachenwald Marcus Eisenwald and Cevilia Jaeger. Held in the shire of Avienture.

A very enjoable event.

I used the Sigma 24-70 mm f2:8 most of the time. Some were taken with the Sigma 150 mm f2:8. I think that I used manual settings most of the time at ISO 800 1/20 and f3:2. Wich works quite ok in the low light and gives a decent protrait format. The pictures were taken in jpg in order to maximise the space on the memory card. Since the low light condition I usually take 2 -4 pictures of each scene to get at least one wich is ok. Camera used is a Nikon D300. Also brought a small self standing monopode from Manfrotto (682B) and some extra lenses fixed 50 mm f1:8 and a 18-35 f3:5-4:5 as well as a SB 600 flash.
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