Terran Marine

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Red is hard to take pictures of.

Based off of Zeessi's suit.

This was made for the new BrickForge Coilgun, but as I was balancing my cart to my budget, I must have accidentally removed all of the coilguns.

Looking at this on a different monitor, that red is rather intense.

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  1. Becheman 55 months ago | reply

    Well done on capturing the head, shoulder and chest detail - it looks really good! The scale and overall feel are more accurate than mine, I think ;-)

  2. Exxtrooper 55 months ago | reply

    Norway approves.

  3. MorderczyGroszek 55 months ago | reply

    make a breakdown, please!

  4. Ironsniper 55 months ago | reply

    Friggin awesome.

  5. nate_daly 55 months ago | reply

    Hot damn! Awesome rendition!

  6. Mechanekton 55 months ago | reply

    These take me an hour or two.

  7. m_o_n_k_e_y 55 months ago | reply

    its all great but that guys face is the icing

  8. Becheman 54 months ago | reply

    Would it be rude to say that he might be a bit too red? The new SC marines are more dull-looking (obviously the neo-future is not as shiny as people once thought...).

  9. jjackowski 54 months ago | reply

    Pretty cool design; I like.
    About the red, it looks like it is over saturated. It doesn't take much with reds. You may be able to adjust the color saturation your camera uses downward and get better results. Normally, though, I find extra color saturation goes well with Lego if there isn't much or any of the brighter reds.
    Still, that does not detract from the design's coolness.

  10. Numbers:123456789 54 months ago | reply

    Could you please make a breakdown?

    ps. Nice fig!

  11. GreenLead 52 months ago | reply

    "You want a piece of me, boy?"

    Instant fave.

  12. Slamaskin 52 months ago | reply

    Instructions pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :D

  13. Takshi80 52 months ago | reply

    Really cool! I like the built-upness of the whole suit (It is better than my Marine)

  14. CardboardBoy 47 months ago | reply

    way cool figure dude!

  15. -RebelMonkey- 40 months ago | reply

    Nice job! I'll have to post my version soon.

  16. BeaverChin 33 months ago | reply

    How do the arms around the neck attach to the back?

  17. YM productions 30 months ago | reply

    how did u make it

  18. Mechanekton 30 months ago | reply

    I used LEGO (TM) brand interconnectable plastic building pieces to construct this model.

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