February2011 1510

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    1. Theworldisnotgoingtoendatall 36 months ago | reply

      I did my calculations and ended up with 2010 you guys are wrong okay so get a life

    2. ~ABS~ Photography - Alex 35 months ago | reply

      O.K. we all know how that turned out. Guy must feel like a bit of an arsehole today.
      www.businessinsider.com/end-of-world-may-21-2011-4 ( ?² )

    3. elsavelazquez 35 months ago | reply

      hello lord jim i am helsa. i know what u r seeing. THEY the people with the money who are trying to control how food and power gets shift next distaster, they blocking your whole vision. you are right, except nobody has bothered to tell u that it's happening in pieces...like a hole in a container that has nowhere to go...it's turning itself out like a knot n they scared we gonna be black hole. well if we keep running into useless idiots like the ones that keep calling you names and dont shut the hell up and listen to u and people like me that have proven all of our lives to have accurate dreams and try to do the best for all of those around us and they stil crucify us? well u come with me cuz i the devil in a nice little woman form and i tired of being treated like illegal alien literally. come with me. i got nothing to fear. but i DO have people htat i have to coexist on this planet htat dont care and are too dumb and lazy to read and find out that we trying to tell em from all angles. dont matter what religion, no religion, where u from, where u camefrom....u gotta understand these are galaxies assholes, GALAXIES we are trying to align and you idiots with your tiny brains and bad math. trustme i know US math is stupidest in world. well i shutup cuz then the people on tehworld try to kill me. they dumb apes, lord, join us we not loser we not mistreat u we just wanna show u we go to heaven all the time. i need u to help me find my soul, i need you to focus on the facts. do u under4satnd me? fuck all these idiots that dont under4stand the veryloud words get out of hte way of a moving train. now i gotta run cuz i dont feel like answering questions to the idiots that live around us that dont know wher u n i go. we cant take em cuz they morons n they mess up that system too with their stupidity. k? so you more than did your job. i more than did mine. so did the other prophets. now it's time wemake sure you and i both on same boat cuz i guide u in the darkness u cover my eyes in light. literally, i feel i cant go outside. ifeel they are trying to curl us up again, the mayans how they made us get arthritis and we all died curled up in our own little circles. we were supposed to move but idiots like abs photo alex that dont undertand his job is to allow those of us on higher consciousness to create the space right now, instead of crucifying us, get the fuck out of hte way find us a haven and think tank for yOU cuz we meet where we do NOT show dumb people. u kill us all. leave them, lord, i bring u my mommy, we have to HAVE to align and do it right htis time cuz i think i the one catching the mobius and stupid US navy got in my way and treated me like dirt even tho i smartest one prolly ever stepped foot in their offices. they full of dumb fucks too that wont stand up for us. htey let me lay on the ground and beat me so bad at boot camp still trying to fix my rib. i help u but u trust me. i not feel good or bad, just yes n no, cuz right now you need my blank soul cuz i gotta use science then u need to fix ME so i dont come back and blow us up. i get us there u make sure my mommy and daddy carry my soul. what do you need from me?

    4. Lord Jim 35 months ago | reply

      hmmm....kay. Well that clears it up.

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