Banksy's caveman

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    Banksy's caveman on Beverly, gone now.

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    1. CenTerO / JaguariTech 76 months ago | reply

      damn this is good..

    2. Melvind [deleted] 76 months ago | reply


    3. ddittell [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      Lord Jim,

      Went to the New Beverly the other day and saw one of these; even though I've been Banksy hunting in London, it didn't even register for me until now. I wanted to thank you for releasing this photo; I've used it at my blog Alphabet Soup Kitchen with full attribution and a link. Again, thank you.

    4. ohmlet 54 months ago | reply

      Thank you for this photo. This is what I sought everywhere. I allowed myself to use it on your website

    5. Bobby Hewitt 54 months ago | reply

      Great picture, thanks for posting. I'm using it under the Creative Commons License with a link back in a blog post titled "The Conversion Rate Marketing Missing Link" at It captures the exact essence of a marketing missing link.

    6. Larry 2000 50 months ago | reply

      I would love to use this picture in an article I am doing on Diets. Full credit will be given to you. Please contact me an let me know it is ok.

      Thank you

    7. badierv 41 months ago | reply

      I'd like to use a modified version of this image for my new blog "The Lazy Caveman" Thanks!

    8. Lord Jim 41 months ago | reply

      Badierv - I'd like for you to introduce yourself first so I can get an idea if you really know what the CC License means...
      Since there isn't much in your stream, profile or....hmm, blog, please write first. Thanks!

    9. yinyangmt 41 months ago | reply

      I would like to use this photo for a slider and blog im publishing for children at my local fitness center. let me know if it would be ok, Id really appreciate it. To bad its not there still, I use to drive by there all the time years ago.

    10. yinyangmt 41 months ago | reply

      This would be for, Im still trying to figure all this computer stuff out so bare with me and the fact I have no profile

    11. Tarik Diamane 40 months ago | reply

      Hi, I would like to use this on my blog about health (paleo/cavemans diet):

    12. pjgh93 [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      HI Stefan - I have used this image on my blog: and in accordance with the CC license have attributed the picture to you (Stefan Kloo) and linked it back to here.

      I trust this is satisfactory.

      Great picture - good composition.

    13. nevadadaisy 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you for posting this photo, Stefan. Like many others, I have used this image on my blog. You can view my use of it at The image is hyperlinked to the original image above. Please let me know if you would prefer a more visual credit. Keep up the great work!

    14. E Perikli 6 months ago | reply

      Using this image, altered somewhat, in a doc film. sent you a Flickr message with more detail...trying also to contact Banksy. thanks.

    15. Lord Jim 6 months ago | reply

      Sent you a reply before I read this.
      I sent you Banksy's Phone # too, ask him how he feels about it. Just make sure you give him the credit. Else, all good ;-)

    16. Prof Tim Crowe 2 months ago | reply

      Thanks for Creative Commons use of your image - used it on my blog

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