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269/365 | j=jerk

For once, I don't mean my brother.


Jerk is one of my favorite physics terms. I've never seen it in a textbook, so it has this sort of "underground" feel to it. You're hardcore if you know was a jerk is. Jerk is the rate of change of acceleration.


Here's the best way to describe it: you're approaching a red light, so you start to ease off your gas pedal and move to the brake. You're slowing down at a gentle pace. Suddenly, this ass cuts you off and you have to slam down on that brake, going from an easy rate of deceleration to a quick one. You lurch forward in the process--it feels kind of like a jerking motion. You just jerked in your car.


After that description you might not believe me that this term and meaning are real, but it's true. Honest.

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Taken on July 11, 2009