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Iranian youth having fun

yesterday Iltro published a new picture on her stream, I left a comment and she replied that it would soon be the anniversary of my coming to Iran.


To be honest, I felt a bit sad seeing one year has passed already since my travel and I dive through my archives. There were those pics I've never edited so far though i like them much and this one was one of the best memories i brought back from the trip.

Yesterday I finally edited the series right.


I was in Quazvin, staying for a night before going further in the mountains to Gazor Khan castle. At the end of the afternoon I had a little walk in the city, and asked a group of young students if they knew a nice place where I could have diner. Girls started giggling. The guys replied me "what about dining with us?" and so did I :).


They brought me to a kind of Iranian KFC (I've actually never been eating that many hamburgers in a month than in Iran ^_^). And we just had a marvelous evening, joking, talking about our lives and stuff. They payed for EVERYTHING, they did not know me before, they brought me back to my hotel and stuff. A great example of the Iranian hospitality. They were beautiful, kind, friendly and welcoming people.

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Taken on May 5, 2007