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yeah, very creepy building. it's very very creepy.


update: left my laptop in canada wit my memory card, can't take photos until i get it back :/. so. annoyed.


my camera took 3 photos then died, i doubt i can take a photograph tomorrow, i don't go home until friday. fuck. i'm currently in canada visiting one of my best friends i've known her since high school, our first encounter was when she hit me with her 10 pound bag in the empty school hallway and didn't apologize. and now we're really good friends, funny how that works. she's moving to edmonton on friday so i came to visit her before she leaves.


i'm so sad about my battery i had such good ideas to do with her. this wasn't even the idea in my head, ah well. i'll check out everyone's streams when i have time. :( sorry.

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Taken on July 6, 2011