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morsmordre.  (explored!  #7) | by londonscene
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morsmordre. (explored! #7)

death bite


ron weasley: "i don't get it, i mean... it's still only a shape in the sky..."


arthur weasley: "ron, you-know-who and his followers send the dark mark into the air whenever they've killed. the terror it inspired... you have no idea, you're too young. just picture coming home, and finding the dark mark hovering over your house, and knowing what you're about to find... everyone's worst fear... the very worst..."




i'm presuming they all died.

so this is for them.



i'm sorry i didn't get there earlier.

i'm so sorry.




i gave up after awhile

guess who's baccccccccccccccck? :)

my vacation was awesome... then every day it just got worse.

last day, i basically wanted to leave.

huge fight with my mom, and we hate each other now.

but the world keeps spinning, and right now she's dead to me.


so i've been tagged a million times.

1) i went to the harry potter world, and ollivander did a one-on-one wand choosing for me.

2) i turn eighteen in a month and two days

3) i made a friend in florida

4) i don't know if i like this yet

5) i bought an octopus necklace

6) i'm spending christmas alone

7) i love william fitzsimmons, he's an amazing singer

8) i have a really heavy conscience today, i signed a contract so i can't elaborate. but everything i'm against basically happened today. everything i want to protect and stand up for, i couldn't. and it's eating me alive.

9) i'm doing a harry potter memoriam. i have everything planned out.

10) i'm really scared.


add me on facebook!

i love meeting new people.


all rights go to their respective owners for the inspiration (harry potter) and adding my own editing to the original dark mark, in no ways do i claim the idea as solely my own

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