Average Christmas Day Fun

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    This is not actually want it looks like. The kid is running away form the wave that is about to knock him over. Although the wave dose not look that big but because of the shape of beach its quite easy to dragged back in and as the water is around 5C° 41F° that is not a good thing.

    This is form the annual Brighton (UK) Christmas day swim 2011, the conditions where appalling. So bad in fact that the event was official called off but that did not stop approximately 100 people going in watched by thousands. Quite a few needed help getting out. One person needed rescuing by Brighton swimming club members, he walked off the beach to an ambulance but needed help to get there.

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    Check out my photos form previous christmas day swims here.

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    1. Canuck with a camera 26 months ago | reply

      If I was being chased by Borat, I would have the same expression on my face as that boy. lol

    2. MarcusTort [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      haha this is great

    3. samca0 16 months ago | reply

      thats a funny picture, and good capture

    4. 001100110 16 months ago | reply

      appreciate the explanation, but even without- made my day :)

    5. jakerome 15 months ago | reply

      that's awesome

    6. Allen Gu@angel 8 months ago | reply


    7. princesitax-16 8 months ago | reply

      oraleeee.. ke pedo con ese weeeeee. !!!

    8. armandwonderland 7 months ago | reply

      the kid's face is priceless..lol

    9. jes.b 7 months ago | reply

      been there, done that.

    10. lomokev 6 months ago | reply

      "been there done that"? Christmas swimming or chasing children in in a mankini?

    11. jes.b 6 months ago | reply

      I mean 'yes'.

    12. lomokev 6 months ago | reply

      "yes" to both "Christmas swimming or chasing children in in a mankini"?

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