snowy leo

just incase you where unsure how hardcore some of brightons winter swimmers are, some have a good roll around in the snow once we are done swimming. leo is a scouser so by defult is a hard nut. i don't the know reason i can take it i just can

  • Juliana 6y

    it looks pretty cold out there!!!!
  • zeldon ribeiro 6y

    People can be really strange...
  • contretemps 6y

  • Dabbler 6y

    awesomely crisp shot! wish I was that hardy...
  • Haley Hyatt 6y

    he must have some polar bear DNA . . .
  • c. f.r. 6y

    absolut freeze! good shot
  • Ted Sherarts 6y

    Men like him, they have my utmost respect.
  • Simon Bates 6y

    when i think of ginger scousers rolling half naked in the snow this is not it!!
  • audiac 6y

    As I was watching BBC news yesterday about the snow in Brighton, I was hoping that you would come up with something good!
  • Paris Koumiotis 6y

    yes...just crazy!
  • Steve Morgan 6y

    you're holding him up! I bet it's warmer in than out!?
  • Jacob Cockle 6y

  • chenilife 6y

    Hello Leo.
  • stupid pony 6y

    Britain stopped for the day and you went swimming, way to go.
  • Hugi Ólafsson 6y

  • Kevin Meredith 6y

    boncey an outrageous lie!

    zeldon ribeiro think of it this ay when the nuclear winter comes we will be alright

    why not?
  • Mohamm 6y

    ahh, props for going out there in the cold!
    this is a lovely portrait
  • asdæø 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Winter bathing, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Balandon 4y

    it just pulls me into adventures! amazing ispiring photo. fav_love_remember.
  • Maarten Oortwijn 4y

    so not only dutch people are crazy :-) we've got our world famous ice man wim hof (likes to swim at the north pole)
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