• grate lomo sticker from ukaaa. i gave him a free poster for the sticker, he tried for a free book although its possible the best sticker in the world i was not having it.
  • another lomo sticker from ukaaa
  • lets face my book is shit what we really want is 1000 photography hints published by marks and spencers publishers in 1985 . we have to do with hot shots cos this puppy an't printed anymore but lauramary managed to find this treat for me!
  • 2 lovely cakes from killerxkim one was eaten and i ate the other one just after this shot was taken
  • business card card from jordanm
  • moo business card card from solamore. she gave me this one cos she knows what a massive fan of james blunt i am
  • spacial roll of film from sebastianchen, spacial i don't no how i guess i will find out
  • moo card from bright light beth
  • moo card from mulia
  • moo card from sunface13
  • moo card from sunface13
  • moo card from rbrwr
  • moo card from starpixie
  • moo card from the london bike project
  • the container that the cakes from killerxkim where in
  • Looks like a Carte D'Or ice-cream container to me :-) - jeyoung
  • I had this...it was no use whatsoever! - Bobshaw Pete
  • From this photo. - rbrwr
  • I left one of these at my parents house 20 years ago! - mark_the_mole
  • reuse! :] - kimsmithhappy

spoils of a book tour

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these are the gifts that i received at the london and bristol book signings, well that and all the lovely cash for the books. these are just the spoils from the bristol and london gigs

check the notes on the picture to see what the items are

i just like to thank people who helped me out with these events:
lauramary for putting me up in bristol and fatmandy for putting me up in bristol and to buying me breakfast the day after.
anna at the tobaccofactory for letting use her bar for the bristol signing
rockcake for running round helping me sort stuff out on the days
www.flickr.com/photos/lomod/ and Femkeh for keeping the table stocked with books and again www.flickr.com/photos/lomod/ for helping pack up at the end
www.moo.com for letting use there office as a storage facility for books and framed pics!
Vickie Hayward form jaguar shoes for the use of her space and helping put the photos on the wall your a little star
Nigel Swallow at north lane photography (the man behind the Brighton Calendar) for helping me out on the printing big time! i ow you so much!
DarkDaze for processing and printing my pics and making them look good big
and for heather and derick for coming all the way over from san fransisco just to come to the launch and to buying me www.amazon.co.uk/dp/2888930277?tag=analogintelli-21 and if you have no idea what i am talking about then i am talking about i am talking about my book witch is well and truly out in all good book stores in the UK. thats all am going to say about my book from now as some of might be getting sick of it, well until march 2009 when it comes out in the USA, if you have the pascence you can pre order it from www.amazon.com/Hot-Shots-Kevin-Meredith/dp/0811866408/&am...

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  1. solamore 66 months ago | reply

    omg, there is my reputation going even more down hill.
    but it is nice to think we have the same cd collection, hehehe
    look! I've gone off him now ok.
    It was great to say hi and Hot Shots really rocks.

  2. Johannes Eiriksson 66 months ago | reply

    Nice work. Well done. I like it.

  3. Trapac 66 months ago | reply


    You forgot your mum and everyone else who knows you. ;)

  4. Mulia 66 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kev, it's nice to see my moo card (and face) in your photo!! :)

  5. lomokev 66 months ago | reply

    fitzhughfella & betsymartian i 13 left from 210 but so many people want them i am getting more. flickr mail me your e-mail address and local so i can e-mail costing for shipping and book (signed) that gose for anyone

    sebastianchen will give the film a spin as soon as i have to reload a camrea!

    my name is solamore and i am a recovering bluntaholic

    ukaaa i am going to stick that bad boy on today!

    Trapac already covered on this post

  6. Lou O' Bedlam 66 months ago | reply

    you got to meet kim? lucky bastard.

  7. * andrew 66 months ago | reply

    you have lots of great friends. lucky you!!!

  8. dlemieux 66 months ago | reply

    congratulations on the success of it...you deserve it

  9. Ian Brumpton 66 months ago | reply

    Nice shot and good to meet you the other day

  10. *-*-*-*-*-* Philippe Brysse 66 months ago | reply

    Lomokev, congrats with the book sale and turning the ever digital Flickr into something tangible. Felt very geeky but in the end it was ok.(prob. the beer and burger helped) You did misspell my name signing the book, Philippe with a B???

  11. fabbio 66 months ago | reply

    I got a (shite) shot of you!

    now I feel I wasn't generous enough...
    I didn't give you anything mine :P

  12. dreamyourealive 66 months ago | reply

    Yay the sticker!

    PS. Thanks for signing me a book even though I couldn't make it in person

  13. buckaroo kid 66 months ago | reply

    Hey - Do you take book tokens? : )

  14. Mac... 66 months ago | reply

    Just bought a copy via Amazon. It better be good y'know......

  15. lomokev 66 months ago | reply

    Lou O' Bedlam luck is not a factor

    dlemieux thanks dude

    stryker66 nice to met you to

    *-*-*-*-*-* yours and everybody else's name!

    fabbio seeing as i signed about 150 books in bristol and london not many people gave me gifts!

    dreamyourealive no problem

    buckaroo kid i do if it has the queen one side and charles darwin on the other i do!

    Mac...made you look if you think its crap you can send it back to amazon for free so fear not!

  16. lauraboland27 65 months ago | reply

    i just got your book for christmas, and i love it! really inspired....thanks for making it :)

  17. lomokev 64 months ago | reply

    chippy. thats ok i did just for you..... and the money ;-)

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