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an english man's home

one photo every 5 seconds and then played back at 12 frames second. there where 1041 photos taken for this over the space of 1 hour and 15 min


the camrea was on a tripod, my manfrotto 055XPROB to be more precise its a sterdy bit of kit and it need to be after all the 5D pretty much held its value (until the Mrk 2 came out)


set the image quality to small so it did not fill up the memory card to fast. also the low quality on the 5D is good enough to make 2k HD movies from


I used something simmler to Canon's TC80N3 Remote Control to take photo at precis increments. TC80N3 Remote Control plugs into where a cable release would go but you can set it to take a certon number of photos and at specific intervals you can also use it with bulb mode to set the exposure time in hours minutes and seconds. i have a cheep rip off version made by a company called Micnova they are but they are both essentially souped up stop watchs with a cable to coming of it


i used adobe light room to batch process the files to remove sensor dust (i cleaned my sensor today don't have to clean anyhting on an analog camrea!) and then quick time pro to import all the files and make it in to a movie. if you have quicktime pro all you do is go to FILE > OPEN IMAGE SEQUENCE, select the 1st image in you sequence and then set frame rate then once imported you export at any pixel dimensions and use what ever codec you want. for upload to flickr i encoded it with H.246. quick time pro is only $30

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Uploaded on September 18, 2008