speakers corner

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    always a blast!

    if you don't know what it is, its a place in london hyde park where people excise there right of freedom of speech but staning on step ladders and spouting off any old shit. always good for a

    if you are ever in london on a sunday afternoon you have to check it out!

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    1. .Andy Chang. 73 months ago | reply

      A great capture.

    2. beattrapkit 73 months ago | reply

      Yes! Very cool

    3. Agfapan-25 73 months ago | reply

      Great shot Kevin
      Very intense.

    4. tommunism.org 73 months ago | reply

      i love this place, great shot. Got a couple from there myself but not as good as this, well done.

    5. JTrandall1 72 months ago | reply

      wow I have heard of speakers corner...in London right? I have a few friedns who go there!! great shot too!

    6. prettywar-stl 72 months ago | reply

      Awesome capture! I was in London in '82 and this stayed in my memory more than anything.

    7. Clive Andrews 72 months ago | reply

      I've just noticed a complete prejudice on my part.

      I've been imagining the preacher's voice with an American accent, despite the fact that this is in London. Funny how stereotypes can be so powerful.

    8. lomokev 72 months ago | reply

      JTrandall1 thats right. most of my photos are geo tagged (geographically tagged eg placed on a map) to see where this image is on the map click on the "map" link in the right hand column of this page under "Additional Information"

      DarkDaze Photography thats a crazy little story

      Clive Andrews always knew you where race-a-listic!

    9. Mute* 72 months ago | reply


      They have one here in Toronto but no one ever uses it.

    10. TofuQueen 72 months ago | reply

      @ Mute: Ours is a booth that records messages that are shown on television, while this one is an outdoor, simultaneous free-for-all. People aren't using the booth at MuchMusic so much anymore?

    11. lomokev 72 months ago | reply

      TofuQueen the both idea is a bit lame it sounds like its for people who don't know how to upload to youtube. its all about seeing the nutters in the flesh!

    12. Mute* 72 months ago | reply

      TofuQueen, there is actually a 'speakers corner' spot near the Winston Churchill statue at Nathan Phillip's Square. I've never seen anyone using it though, unlike the ones in London. I figure Canadians are just too nice :)

      From the City website:
      "A speakers corner podium is located at the south west corner of Nathan Phillips Square, just east of the Winston Churchill statue (moved in 2004 from it's original location in front of the statue)."

    13. TofuQueen 72 months ago | reply

      wow...I so didn't know that! Then again, I haven't been home for a while. I'll swing by when I'm' next in town. Yeah, we're probably too nice or just to chillaxed about life. Not enough pent-up angst :)

      @ lomokev: Yeah, nothing beats nutters in the flesh!

    14. William Gregory [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Defining Touch, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      awesome piece of photography! real classic!

    15. doopwoopmine [deleted] 65 months ago | reply


    16. eleanor_p 64 months ago | reply

      Great shot, really powerful!

    17. mariczka 57 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Vintage Analogue, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. Chas.™ 11 months ago | reply

      great shot.

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