über narrow DOF

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    this is where my measuring stick comes in particularly handy for those 80cm lca shots

    i use a folding ruler to get perfect 80cm shots, the folding ruler came from *LEE* is oddly its his business card
    i used to carry a tape measure but thats a bit shit
    and when working in a DM project where all the shots had to be 80cm i cut a stick to that length

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    1. Orest (AKA Mugnu) 84 months ago | reply


      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. lomokev 84 months ago | reply

      TVicar because thats the minumum focusing distance of a lomo LCA, if anything gets closer it will be out of focus

    3. TVicar 84 months ago | reply

      Now that I didn't know. I've had mine for years and I've never given it much thought. Best get myself a tent-pole and start chopping.

    4. lomokev 84 months ago | reply

      TVicar what did you thing the little level with 0.8, 1.5, 3 and ∞ means? please tell my actually bother to focus?

    5. yvoluna 84 months ago | reply

      How do you find out what 'feet' is in so many different languages? must take you ages to look it all up

    6. lomokev 84 months ago | reply

      yvoluna about 2 minutes using google translation its shit sentences but for single words it works a treat

    7. TVicar 84 months ago | reply

      I have used the little switchy thing I've just always judged it by eye.

    8. Jonee.. 84 months ago | reply

      lxsocon, were the children still in the tent when your colleague vandalised it? I do hope so.

    9. lxsocon 84 months ago | reply

      @jonee* - The tent used to belong to his own kids - I think he let them out first ;-).

    10. t3mujin 84 months ago | reply

      Perfect DOF, not too much and not too little!

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    11. Laura Mary 84 months ago | reply

      lomokev Looking forward to using my new stick, not sure I have a pocket deep enough to carry it everywhere! Will have to perfect the stealth use of it too, so I can go unnoticed.

    12. STANFLAN [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      love those tones

    13. ëljüliänö 84 months ago | reply

      props for the umlaut dots in the title

    14. Ogof. (Mike McLean) 84 months ago | reply

      Nice shot, interesting perspective

    15. alexandra.xo 84 months ago | reply

      awesome shot!

    16. lomokev 84 months ago | reply

      Laura Mary stealth is that possible?

      jonee* & lxsocon whats the talk of the tent all about?

    17. lxsocon 84 months ago | reply

      As I mentioned in my first comment, my lomo stick came from the pole of a children's tent ;-). It's also black and plastic so light to carry around as some kind of lomo commando.

    18. lomokev 84 months ago | reply

      lxsocon dose your stick fold up?

    19. lxsocon 84 months ago | reply

      It comes as two tubes of equal length, plus another bit that joins them together.

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