Neighbor Girl Viewing Venus Eclipse

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    1. daz395 33 months ago | reply

      Not a very smart idea, harmful radiation isnt stopped by a welders mask, thats why solar filters were invented.

    2. lomeranger 33 months ago | reply

      How long before damage occurs?

    3. daz395 33 months ago | reply

      I would advice her to see an optician asap to be honest. It took 30 yrs to get me, I did the same thing in my teens and now Im paying for it. I have no peripheral vision in my left eye and my central vision is going in my right eye. I hope she is lucky but please ensure she's checked out.

    4. lomeranger 33 months ago | reply

      How long did you spend looking into the sun? She spent about ten to fifteen seconds.

    5. daz395 33 months ago | reply

      about 30 seconds to a minute, and I never gave it another thought until I started having eye trouble. Then I just mentioned it to my optician one day and she said thats the cause as I had no family history of any eye problems. Welding glasses only shield the glare by cutting down the light, whera solar filters are designed to stop the glare and the radiation levels, you are in fact looking directly into a nuclear explosion when viewing the sun and we only have to ask the soldiers in the A bomb tests why they are having serious eye trouble. It should be written on all welding glasses but its not. And I think thats pretty irresponsible of the manufacturers.

    6. lomeranger 33 months ago | reply

      With all due respect

      I will be talking to a number of local opticians.
      Thank you and I am sorry for your eye troubles.

    7. daz395 33 months ago | reply

      Yea Ive read all those over the years, was it an SN14 she used? There are loads of 'these studies show' type web sites but even very expensive astronomical 'baader solar foil' which I now use for my solar photography has warnings on it that its upto the user whether or not they use it for direct solar viewing but the makers will not take responsibility for any eye damage that occurs by its use. Also welders glass properties and solar foil filters only have a life of upto 5 yrs after which they should be replaced. Im in no way trying to cause issues, but I thought it best to warn of any implications by using welders glass.

    8. jaari 33 months ago | reply

      Yes. Go Carolina!

    9. image mine 33 months ago | reply

      luv the refection bouncing off the visor

    10. lomeranger 33 months ago | reply

      I have been doing a fair amount of research and I'm beginning to doubt your assertions. Firstly you said welding glass only cuts down the glare but not the radiation. That is not true. Welding helmet glass is designed to block IR & UV light completely and diminish the amount of visible light (380-750nm). The glass was not 14, but that simply meant that it was a bit too bright and I could look at the sun for periods of five to ten seconds. Even in the chart for '8', there is no transmission for UV or IR. I have not had time to consult with an optician but I believe it is hours and not decades for the onset of the symtoms of eye damage. Last issue; 5 year expiration is silly. I have found no references warning that any filter would degrade after five years. I have found a couple of 5 year guarantees and several 15 year but no warning mentioning their disposal after any defined amount of time.

      I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I do intend to be factual. I am sorry for your problems, but I cannot attribute them to using a glass welding mask for 60 seconds in your adolescence.

    11. FezLens 33 months ago | reply

      too bad it was just after sundown over here.. Montreal.. I also have a welding mask.. i was thinking in using it hehe

    12. Giselle's Photographs [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      Funny =)

    13. dreamer@desh 33 months ago | reply

      what a picture!

    14. Marco de Waal 33 months ago | reply

      Nice picture! Excellent!



      Via Today's Explore at #8 on Fluidr

    15. Photography by Kenneh 33 months ago | reply

      Now this is a cool photo! And there's nothing like the evening sun and sunset in Traverse City! Great capture! :)

    16. Kévin Galop 33 months ago | reply

      this helmet is so cool
      the picture too

    17. WingmanPhotography 33 months ago | reply

      Looks like it was taken on the set of a '50s sci-fi movie! Great!

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