• I wrote Texas and New Mexico for her, per her request. Then she wrote the rest. Love how she made Louisiana fit!

Learning to Write

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Yes, she writes in all caps. I hear this is not condoned in most schools. But I think a 5-year-old taking it upon herself to teach herself to write doesn't need to be told she's doing it wrong Or that she "should" be doing it differently. I'm just excited she WANTS to practice writing. (No, no incentives or even suggestions that she do so have been given.)

Anyway, she sees that I (and everyone else) write in lower-case, and I assume at some point she'll adopt the more conventional method, don't you think? She just prefers capitals right now--she even turns caps-lock on when she's typing. She recognizes lower-case. But she even sometimes asks ME to write things for her with all capitals. I don't know, I guess the capital letters just look prettier to her or something.

She does form some of her letters, um, "differently" than most. They end up looking the same, but for example she starts writing some letters a the bottom, when most people start a the top.

I'm wondering if there's a special reason we were all taught to write a certain way--like maybe it's faster or something? Or if it really matters how she gets the letters on the page, as long as they end up recognizable?

I don't know, I remember thinking judgmental thoughts of a boy in high school who wrote his O's upside down. But maybe I can (partially) buffer my kids from having such stupid judgments in the first place, by not hounding them about the "right way" to do all these things that don't even have a real Right Way?


  1. dandelion*girls 62 months ago | reply

    I LOVE IT!! ( i like all caps too!)
    i think they look nice.
    and i love it that she is FREE to do it her own way,
    and i love it that she decided to do it of her own FREE WILL,
    and i love it that no one is 'CORRECTING' (read squashing)
    a lovely 5year old's desire to learn to write by telling her that she's doing it wrong!
    no wonder so many of us have grown up with no self confidence, and cannot trust our own ways!

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