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There'll be more pictures of my new buddy soon. But yeah, this is my main Christmas present- the Master Replicas Kermit photo puppet. It's a replica of the Kermit used for photo sessions and all that. While it might not be a puppet, there's still endless fun to be had with this dude since you can pose him however you want thanks to the wire limbs and mouth.


You have no idea how happy I was opening him. Just seeing how huge the box was was a big enough surprise, but seeing Kermit in-person, right in front of me, was something I never thought would happen. I'm dead-serious here: I thought he was going to come to life and start talking within seconds of holding him. Pictures DO NOT do Kermit justice, regardless of how good they look. When you see Kermit for yourself, it's like he jumped out of your tv right then and there. This -is- Kermit.


I really wanted Animal from my dad, but he'll have to wait another month or two. Kairi loves Kermit and when she saw the box, she smiled huge. But when I took him out, she just pointed and her mouth dropped. Sorry Kai, but daddy can't let you mess with Kermit until you're a little older! You can still give him hugs and kisses though!


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Taken on December 19, 2008