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365-365 (Press L for large / Presiona L para ampliar) | by LokoTripper
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365-365 (Press L for large / Presiona L para ampliar)

What can I say about today ?? I feel so fuckin Proud I was able to finish my project , so fuckin proud that I didn't missed a day , not a single fuckin day with out taking my photo and posting it , the way a True 365 should be , I know I've been grinding about this , but fuck I am proud as proud can be


I took photos For 365 days , that's about 7'300 photos (20 @ least for each day) , yes that is 547.5 hours (I take around 1.5 hours @ least to set up lighting gear and all my shit) , 32'850 minutes of my life (maybe more not really sure) have I dedicated to this project , that's 1'971'000 seconds (people say that one second is a life time if you live it right , imagine how I feel hehe) , not to mention that I carry 4 Light Stands , 2 umbrellas , 1 apollo Softbox , 1 sixteen inch Beauty dish , 1 boom arm , and of course an almost 25 lbs bag with 3 flashes 4 lenses and a battery gripped camera , all of this on my Salma


365 different stories , feelings and lessons I learned , I found so many great people , which even though I have never ever met I do consider my friends , I have learned so fuckin much , given so fuckin much , it's so fuckin crazy to think how much has happened on this time , yeah I am getting all fuckin sentimental here , by the way how many fuckin times you guys think I have said or write the word fuck , or fuckin ?? I really don't have a fuckin clue to be honest


I swear there is so much I want to say that I can not even put the words together , but I also know that people don't really read long fuckin posts so I will keep it short and to the point , I just want to say Thank YOu to all of you who so kindly waste a minute or two reading my bullshit and looking @ my work , you have no idea what it means to me when I see those comments or read your flickr mail , never ever would I have thought that I will get this much attention , fuckin Love you guys


I have no fuckin clue what 2012 will bring us , all I know is this was a year to remember , a year I committed to this project and that I successfully made it , Thank YOu to all my family specially my kids that so fuckin patiently rolled with the punches and accepted the fact that "Daddy needs to take his photo" (that is what my Princess says) , my kids are everything to me , everything


Thank YOU to Ben Brown and Alex Zyuzikov , they are my inspiration for getting into this Strobist scene and they are the reason I wanted to learn more and become a better photographer (sorry guys I didn't quite accomplished that last part) And last but not least to my beloved "regulars" , you know who you are and I do not wish to make a list as I might miss one or two of you , but those of you who are always here on daily basis , I fuckin Love you guys and girls (specially if you have big boobs hehe)


So this is the end of my project , it was a fuckin pleasure , best of the best for this upcoming 2012 I really do hope all of your dreams and wishes come true , I fuckin wish you the all the best


This is Strobist M.D. and I'm Out , fuck yeaaaah !!



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Strobist info :


SB600 1/16 snooted , pointing to subject back 1ft behind subject , 8 inches high pointing up

SB800 1/8 - Apollo Softbox 8ft from subject (camera right) , 4ft high , subject 5 ó clock

SB800 1/16 - Beauty dish 16" 6ft from subject (camera right) 5ft high , subject 8 ó clock

Nikon 50mm f/1.4 @ 50mm f/1.4

Nikon D300 : ISO 400 - 1/100

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Taken on December 31, 2011