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I am never ever late to upload my daily photo but today I was out with the guys from the Gym taking photos @ this Local Tournament , man was I fuckin mad . . . why you ask ?? hhmnn I tell you why


First of all , all the fuckin fights started late , they were supposed to start @ 8pm and they started around 9:45pm , if I had known this I would have taken my photo earlier , Ok so that's one , second the fuckin Referee @ the matches was a complete fuckin Idiot , I mean no I am not bitching about our guys loosing , we kick their mothafuckin asses regardless of the poor refereeing , but he was just a stupid mother fucker , third some fuckin asshole threw a bottle @ me because I was @ ring side and according to him and some other fuckers I didn't belong there


I went down from my stool and went to this mother fuckers to see whaasup , and yeah you guessed it , it turns out nobody fuckin threw that bottle , bitch ass pussy motherfuckers , and if you think I course and talk shit you should see and hear me when I am fuckin mad , and want to get down to business


Anywho . . . sorry for being 40 minutes late , I swear it was not my fuckin fault , but hey @ least I didn't let a whole day go by like some people do , no Sir . . . this is a true 365 , Thank YOu and good night


p.s. I Love fighters who are Brawler's and those who Love to Ground - and - Pound

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Taken on November 19, 2011