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I think I have mentioned this before , I am part of the Staff for the 1rst Tijuana Zombie Walk , yes I am into that kind of stuff , how about you ?? you guys like the whole Zombie & Monsters stuff ??

So I been talking to zombie fans , zombie followers , and zombie freaks , and I do mean freaks , soooo , naturally I got swept into the whole topic , so here you are , since this morning , I couldn't think of anything else but this shot , I hope you like it , I know it sound stupid but I did

Now google what I wrote if you don't know what I'm talking about , (shame on you) and then just go to your DVD or BlueRay and play ZombieLand , fuuuuuck yeaaaah !!

See you guys Tomorrow . . . support your local Zombies please


Creo q ya lo mencione antes , soy parte d el Staff d el 1er Zombie Walk en Tijuana , y si , si estoy bien clavado en esos rollos , q tal Ud's ?? les gusta eso d los Zombies y mounstruos ??

He estado platicando e interactuando con fans d los zombies , con seguidores d la cultura zombie , y hasta con pinches freaks zombies , y realmente me refiero a freaks , asi q . . . pues naturalmente ando bien clavado editando y haciendo un chingo d cosas con ese ramo d cultura popular , asi q desde la mañana no podia pensar en otra cosa q no fuera esta toma , espero y les guste , se q suena medio mamon pero a mi si me gusto , la neta q si , digo queria q se notara mas la macetita , perooooo

Ahora Googleen lo q puse en mi foto , si es q no saben d lo q me refiero (les deberia dar vergüenza , chaale) y solo pongan su BlueRay o DVD y a disfrutar d ZombieLand a HUevooo !!

Nos vemos mañana . . . apoyen a sus zombies Locales por favor


Strobist info :

SB600 1/4 naked , pointing to white fabric 4ft from subject (camera right) subjects 3 ó clock
SB600 1/4 naked , pointing to white fabric 4ft from subject (camera left) subjects 9 ó clock
SB800 1/2 Beauty dish 16" 4ft from subject (camera left) 6ft high , subject 6 ó clock
Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 @ 23mm
Nikon D300 : ISO 400 - 1/60

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  1. LokoTripper 84 months ago | reply

    Olivier Borgognon Thank YOU

    Fernando Sanchoyarto Q bueno q te ha gustado , saludos desde Tijuana Mexico

    CROWLEY PHOTOGRAPHY Thanks Dobra , glad you liked it

    Mel ( RiderBlues ) Thansk Brother

    Thierry Merci beaucoup

    Matthew Coughlin You have got to be kidding me dude , you have not seen ZombieLand ?? what the fuuuuuuck !! and the zombie walk last only a couple of hours , it is going to be taking place till 10/29/2011 , but we are doing the promo and all of the required publicity for it , it is going to be the first time something like this is done in my Town , so yeah , we hope it gets to be as big as it can be , so you will see more of this topic photos

  2. Michael Starnes 84 months ago | reply

    Dude, I have been hooked on your whole series of Zombie's, awesome job! Matter of fact its made me break out some Zombie games for the PS3 and Xbox360, lmao, but its true! All the white and brightness really kicks ass as well. :D

  3. LokoTripper 84 months ago | reply

    Michael Starnes hehehe Thank YOU Mike , glad to bring the zombie in you =)

  4. MyronLArmour Photography 84 months ago | reply

    Dude, your whole series has been so freakin' awesome!!! Great job!
    Remember to always be prepared. "Z" day is almost upon us. LOL!

  5. LokoTripper 84 months ago | reply

    MyronLArmour Photography Thanks Myron , glad you liked it , and yes it is

  6. McMexicano  84 months ago | reply

    y ahora que te pusiste, parece el calzón del santos para los días complicados, jejejeje

  7. MyzzMagoo 84 months ago | reply

    tienes tooda la razon loko! nada mejor que disfrutar de las pekeñas cosas C: porque esas son precisamente las que le dan sabor a la vida! que tengas un buen dia sr pechocho, pero sobre todo una excelente semana!! oxoxxo

  8. Summ3r Br33ze 84 months ago | reply

    Lol, nice. So unexpected that you're holding the flower.. reminds me of Wall-E.

  9. LokoTripper 84 months ago | reply

    Guillermo Buelna jajajaja andale tu si sabes
    MyzzMagoo muchas Gracias Peshosha , igualito , saludotes , XoXoXo

  10. Raymond Larose -> raylarose.com [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

    Holy shit! Masterpiece here. I love the statement of the sprouting life and the gas mask in perfect pure white light. Oh shit, this is great.

  11. RHPhotographics 83 months ago | reply

    Yeah, marvelous

  12. LokoTripper 83 months ago | reply

    Raymond Larose -> raylarose.com Thank YOU Ray

    Robert Huiberts thanks dude , Glad you liked it

  13. Daniel | rapturedmind.com 83 months ago | reply

    Love the idea and the movie. One of the best one in the last couple of years

  14. LokoTripper 83 months ago | reply

    Daniel Schneider Yeap , I Love that movie too , Thanks Daniel

  15. Kevin Riggins Photography 83 months ago | reply

    Dude! This is just so freaking cool. I love you high key stuff.

  16. OceanBaby-in-SLC 83 months ago | reply

    Love Zombieland. And I seriously want your gasmask!!

  17. LokoTripper 83 months ago | reply

    Jazmine Palmer Yeaah Zombieland is just a kick ass movie , Thank YOU

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