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Triathlon. Think about it. Just the word - triathlon. You swim, then bicycle and to finish it all off you run. Doesn’t it sound quite tough? I mean it’s all about doing this über macho Ironman thing, right? You train and train and train and when you have some time over you plan your training. Right? How hard cooked and damn devoted do you need to be among crème de la crème?

I need to figure it out.

This photo project is called “Me, triathlete” and will focus on the life of a triathlete. I will be following Marcus Hultgren, a member of Stockholm City Triathlon and one of the top triathletes in Sweden. His entire life will be documented - from everyday life in school and with his family, to his planning, training and competing.


More information about the project "Me, triathlete" can be found here: