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Great Thai music..and even better Thai smiles! | by AraiGodai
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Great Thai music..and even better Thai smiles!

These two girls were so poised and elegant as they sit and play these two Thai classical music instruments.. I was bored waiting for my client so I pull out the cam to take a few shots.. and I guess they noticed.. and put on their 'shy' Thai smile.. which i thought was so cute. There goes the 'trained' posture.. back in to their university giggly mode!


Taken at Amari Watergate Hotel's Lobby, Bangkok, Thailand. They have this every night at all their branches (as they have proved to be very popular amongst the guest).


About the instruments, these two are very pleasant to listen to.. The one on your left is call "Kim" and the right is "Jakeh"


The Kim is a hammered dulcimer with three strings per course similar to the Chinese Yang Chin. Both are originally from Arabia. (source: paradise moon)


The jakhae has been used by the Thai since at least the first part of the Ayuthaya period (c.1357 A.D.—B.E. 1900) for it is mentioned in the court regulations of that time. In the old days the case or body of the instrument was made in the shape of a crocodile and the front part carved to represent the crocodile’s jaws. However, the body was also made hollow to serve as a resonance chamber. The word for crocodile in Thai is jaw-ra-khae, which was gradually shortened jakhae after it became the name of the instrument. ( read more about it from the source)

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Taken on July 5, 2006