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It's a very challenging journey when you have something in mind, and it looks so concrete: The concept, the post-processing, even the layers you have to make on Photoshop, but once it's on the camera it looks empty.

This wasn't the exception, and i had to spent the whole afternoon with my body sketched (Thankfully no one came to visit me)


It's a whole challenge to the ego when you start to doubt about yourself, when you want perfection, 100/100, but then, once you're tired of trying different spaces, different lights and nothing happens you start asking "What is it lost?".


I had a free day and a body full of red marks to find an answer.


It's all about freedom. The personal world v/s the outside and how you have to deal with both when you live by exploding your little imaginary, and how much you let yourself be free. The journey itself is a time to learn by doing something that fulfills you in a 100%, that is where the empty space fills: In the observation of the present as something constantly about to boil, losing the fear because actually there's nothing to fear of yourself.

Sharing something so private like a life in self-portraits, a work based in vulnerability and inner storms is just a scream into the unknown, a little spark in the ocean, that spark you see bigger than the rest because you feel connected with it, that's where interpretation begins.


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Taken on June 20, 2012