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lakester race car

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  1. The Rocketeer 94 months ago | reply

    Another awesome piece! Keep it up! I really enjoy each new post...

  2. flattop341 94 months ago | reply

    Now, this is too cool!
    I'm doing good to make a simple wooden pull toy with skateboard wheels for the neighbor's kid. And, it's still not done!

    If that's 1/2" copper pipe on the exhaust??? That would mean that the body is about the size of a valve cover. This is a good sized home brewed racer!!!

  3. jimmah_v 94 months ago | reply

    delightful (literally) -- or as we would say in the Lone Star State; "too cool for school"

  4. Lockwasher 94 months ago | reply

    Thanks all - I had a great reaction/quick sale of my #3 racer motorcycle so I wanted to keep the gearhead/guy thang going with this hot rod.
    flattop - keep it slow and steady...I probably have 20-24 hours into this guy...I spent 3 hours forming a bullet nose grill that I ended up not using! It is a 1/2" pipe. The Lakester's length is 18" and the wheel's have a 5" diameter.

  5. Patrick Ng 94 months ago | reply

    always love your works!

  6. You_Beauty 94 months ago | reply

    another awesome piece of home-made ingenuity...love it!

  7. Felicea 94 months ago | reply

    Thank you for the oportunity to view your great art. But it is time to say goodbye.

    So long,

    So long ...

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  9. -UnSeEn 90 months ago | reply

    i like this one . . it's a complete design i mean it consists of motor, board circuit and how can you control it ? oh i have a lot of Q XD
    why did you use Al not steel?

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