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I have discovered something about myself. I really don't like doing my self portraits in front of people. I end up feeling anxious and exposed. It's almost painful actually. It seems to be a very personal and private process for me and then once it's done, I post it on the internet where it no longer stays a private thing, hah. Go figure!


I ended up deciding that I was gonna wander off by myself, leaving my guest alone for a while, eek, bad Rory but thankfully Dar is a writer, and was like Ror, I totally get it. I would never let someone watch me write, it'd drive me insane! So while I went out, they got dressed up and went out. I then came home after doing my portrait, got dressed up, and then we surprised each other in our fancy clothes and went out for dinner. A good night indeed. So far this weekend, I've introduced Dar to brie, creme bruelee, and vegetarian pate! I feel cultured =P


While in the tree I saw the most specular sunset and wanted to include it in my self portrait. So here you go. It's proving to be quite difficult to focus on my 365 project when I have a guest staying with me! Now I shall end this and go play Zelda with Dar!


p.s Random fact - "tree" was the first sign I learned when I was a wee child!

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Taken on August 1, 2009