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Arossa Shibuya and Arossa Ginza

At Arossa Ginza, Sato pairs these wines with Hangi, the traditional cuisine of the Maori, the indigenous islanders of the country. Roasted in wood fire in a pit in the ground, Hangi is cooked only for guests by the Maori. Lamb shank, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and mussels are marinated for two days with mountain pepper, a spicy purple berry native to the southern hemisphere, and then slowly cooked in a pot with a little soil from Asano Farm, to give the dish that earthy flavor that the ingredients typically pick up. Presented first in the cooking dish, so guests can smell the complex aromas, and then on a plate wrapped in fresh leaves, the Arossa’s Hangi is served with three sauces: a green mix of Italian parsley and coriander; a spicy tomato-based blend of red pepper and coriander; and a tart-but-sweet mint, honey and lemon sauce. (Really though, the tender lamb and roots are flavorful enough on their own.)


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Taken on March 18, 2010