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copyright infringement - - dmitry obukhov | by lluìs
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copyright infringement - - dmitry obukhov

the benefits of exhibiting one's work here in flickr outweigh the sideffects of internet ubiquity and overall unscrupulousness, though the latter inevitably lead to one's work being pinched. however, i am starting here the hall of shame for copyright infringement of images of mine. obviously the educated thing to do is to ask for permission in advance (as i request to do so in my flickr profile), for a good cause why wouldn't i grant usage? the slightly less educated thing to do is to use the image without permission yet acknowledging authorship & linking source. but pinching and appropriating somebody else's work... come on, there are limits!


here's an image of almodovar del río, a small andalusian village in cordoba's province. it happens to host a castle whose origin dates from the VIII century. the photograph i took from the village's outskirts in 2005 and later published in flickr caught the attention of Dmitry Obukhov (Дмитрий Обухов), owner of the russian Medieval Castle's site (Замки Крепости), who is displaying the image not only unacknowledged but watermarked with his site's logo! the site hosts a hilarious disclaimer (google translated): "the owners and creators of this site is not responsible for the use of materials on this site, nor for the content of links in the text." (dmitry, yes you are responsible for the content, especially of the copyright ingringements!). there's more, "all photos on this site are property of their authors, and are intended only for educational viewing" (that's true dmitry, as they are our property please do not reproduce and appropriate without our permission!)


i sent dmitry an e-mail some time ago, he hasn't had the decency to reply to it. shame on you dmitry obukhov! | facebook

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Uploaded on September 18, 2012