Katamari Wallpapers

OFFICIAL Katamari Damacy wallpapers.


The Katamari wallpapers were taken from the official Namco Katamari Damacy website before it was taken down after the release of 'Everyone Loves Katamari Damacy' on the PS2.

I have posted the ENTIRE wallpaper collection (82 total) that was ever offered by Namco (Both Japan and US)!


********UPDATE 04-15-2012********
Flickr user Shifuimam has offered to host all of the original Katamari wallpaper (in it's original size) to her server! THANK YOU!!!

Link: shifuimam.com/katamari/wallpaper.zip

********UPDATE 12-25-2010********
Re-uploaded all the wallpapers since the originals ones seems to have been shrunk. But for some reason I can only upload max resolution of only 1024 x 819 instead of 1280 x 1024. You can download the larger ones by clicking on the link below. ENJOY!

Download the entire set here:

*********UPDATE 4-26-2007*********
ALL 82 wallpapers have been uploaded!!!

All wallpapers are 1280 x 1024

I also included 2 Katamari Damacy papercraft as well. I do not know if the papercraft were part of the official Namco offerings.
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