Dog with a pipe in its mouth

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Ffotograffydd/Photographer: P B Abery (1877?-1948)
Dyddiad/Date: [194-?]
Cyfrwng/Medium: Negydd gwydr / Glass negative
Maint/Dimensions: 119 x 163 mm.
Cyfeiriad/Reference: PBA19/33
Rhif cofnod / Record no.: 4461981

Rhagor o wybodaeth am gasgliad P B Abery yn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

More information about the P B Abery Collection at the National Library of Wales

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  1. !! 93 months ago | reply

    gentlemaaaan !!!

  2. TeaButterfly 92 months ago | reply

    I love that is so serious about his smoking!

  3. Rafterman2009 92 months ago | reply

    It does make him look distinguished.

  4. Jess P.C. 86 months ago | reply

    Love it :-)

  5. FrigateRN 84 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called FrigateRN's Pictures of Interest., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    What a sweet little picture.

  6. TAATU2010 80 months ago | reply

    smoking baby gets a dog

  7. TAATU2010 80 months ago | reply

    "Got a light"

  8. TAATU2010 80 months ago | reply

    And grandpa said he never believed in reinarnation

  9. FrigateRN 80 months ago | reply

    Grandpa?...Reincarnation?...priceless TAATU2010, a good one!

  10. chrisrgreen2008 67 months ago | reply

    What,s he smoking Ogden's nutgone flake?

  11. Andrey Timofeev 60 months ago | reply

    Hahaha, so lovely! ^_____^ I like it!

  12. xlynx 49 months ago | reply

    smoke looks edited in.

  13. Frizztext 47 months ago | reply

    thank you for sending your photo to my group BLOG IT,
    so I could introduce your picture
    with credit line and link in my daily blog at
    I hope that will support your work!

  14. xlynx 46 months ago | reply

    it's public domain Frizztext so I suppose you could add it yourself.

  15. cboivin30 38 months ago | reply

    i love puppys labrador

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