Native American Guide Training 2011
This set of photos are from the Native American Guide Training Trip that took place May 20-26, 2011 on the San Juan River in Southeastern Utah.

I was only on the first Day and Half from Montezuma Creek to Sand Island so this is what happened then.

Participants learned all aspects of River Guiding from the rigging of the boats, camp/groover set-up, interpretation/public education, and rowing a 16 foot raft on the waters of the San Juan River.

This Training is held annually and the next session will be in Spring 2012 (subject to change).

Thanks To:

Wild Rivers Expeditions in Bluff, Utah for hosting the trip and letting us use their gear and warehouse.

The Instructors: The Cooley Sisters (Nikki, Colleen, Bobbi), Beep Jenkins, Merv Yoyetewa, Gilbert Naseyouma (Hopi elder), and James Peshlakai (Navajo elder).

And the Students who made it all possible! We hope to see you all out on the Trails & Waters....
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