A Space2 project in partnership with the residence of Gipton, Gipton Together, Gipsil, St Augustines Catholic Primary School, St Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Woodlands Primary Academy and Wykebeck Primary School and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

George, now in his 70s, sits in his Gipton front garden watching the world go by. He has his mug of tea, his favourite folding chair and sixty years' worth of memories. He's also surrounded by the everyday chaos of family - three generations in one house. But when the family decide to move, George finds his world shrinking.

Can George bring himself to adventure out of his tiny patch of East Leeds and into a life of excitement, travel and jars of Marmite? Will we ever discover what became of a wife he lost to wanderlust? And will the kids just stop arguing for two minutes so we can all get some peace and quiet?

A musical comedy written and performed in collaboration with the residents of Gipton, featuring live music, dance routines, choirs and a mysterious Lidl carrier bag.
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