WIP #1: Teddy Bear Stories
WIP #1: Teddy Bear Stories

Teddy Bear Stories: a one-of-a-kind collection of teddies based on and inspired by kids' drawings (an ongoing project).

Teddies are a classic childhood toy. We had them in all shapes, colors, and sizes given to us and our children by friends and family. Our children had many but there was a particular one with a label that said "oso" as they were growing to be bilingual. Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is also one of our favorite memories with our children. After moving a few times, whatever is left of our teddies might still be in storage, but we certainly remember them fondly. By gathering teddy bear stories and drawings, we've set to create a very unique collection of memories.

We are still collecting stories and drawings. If you have a submission, email it to us. An exhibit is in the works.

Some Teddies are available in our shop.
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