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14/365 Haaaave you met Ryan?

This picture is really bad and blurry because it was taken last minute, after I had one too many glasses of wine. We spent all night watching How I Met Your Mother and ended the night with American Horror Story.


Have you ever wondered what mine and Ryan's relationship is like? In HIMYM, each character has his/her own doppleganger. Lily and Marshall are our relationship dopplegangers! When we watch HIMYM, it's like watching ourselves on TV! We're alike, from our professions (kinda) to our random quirks. From Lily's loud chewing, to Marshall's ability to make a theme song to any situation. We even have an irresponsible Barney in our lives, aka Ryan's best friend.


We do need a Ted and Robin though.


And we're not going to have 15lb turkey-sized babies...

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Taken on October 19, 2011