Going forth in full force!

It goes back to end of last year when I made up my mind to bring back on my daily intensive drawing habit which I had laid off for many years after college. For that very reason I got myself a Moleskine pocket diary for daily journaling – which is one of the ways to encourage myself to write and draw daily. It is now the month of April and I must say that I have been enjoying it thus far. Whatever I think and see it is all in the form of drawing in my mind instead of photographic image like I used to be seeing for the past 3 years when I decided to be actively involved in film photography which I have also found my passion in. But this year I will spend less time on photography but instead give a chance to myself to do something I used to do since childhood – drawing.


Beginning this year it started all in black and white outline drawing until a good friend of my gave me a Derwent Sketching collection set as a birthday gift 2 months ago and only recently that I finally put it to good use by adding colours to my journal pages. After testing out the coloured pencils and loved them so much that I got myself a complete set of 72 colours of Derwent Inktense set yesterday. It was a tough decision to make at the art store as of which colour range I should get. I would like to see more colours in my diary and will soon make a good use of the Moleskine watercolour notebook which got myself 2 months ago. I got the Lamy fountain pens because of my diary as I do not want to keep switching non-refillable drawing pens with different nib grades each time. It is a chain reaction – one thing leads to another.


So, while now I am putting my focus on drawing I am not abandoning photography completely, will still shoot whenever I have a chance. But for now I am giving my drawing skill a chance to take over, to improve and explore further – in full force!


One thing though, drawing is way more relaxing than photoshooting :P

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Taken on April 11, 2009