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Hardly Anything Left For You To See ~ 26/52 weeks

song of the week:


yup, my favorite band released an AMAZING new album! seriously guys, you need to check it out :))


well yeah so for this week i thought i'd post a pic of myself. i really don't like doing that all too often.. i'm more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it that's for sure :P

but anyways i've had a pretty good week :) hung out with my bestie, had a good shopping day with the mom, stayed out til 1 last night \m/, and watched Spain go to the euro cup finals!! :D only down side is that i got major whip lash from driving school.. i'm surrounded by retards in that class -___-


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What is the most overrated thing in the world?

people -__-


What is one word to describe your room?

well every time someone walks in my room they're like "omg your room is so cool!", so i guess 'cool'


Do your parents try to plan out your future for you?



How many songs do you have on your ipod?



If someone looked in your closet, how would they judge your style?

boho vintage i guess x)


color of your nails?

white newspaper nails :3


What is the youngest age you can remember back to?

eeeeeeeeeeeem... i think around 2. i remember being in a plastic blow up pool in poland and my cousins were watching me


Hair up or down?

i like it down, but i put it up when i'm at home or lazy


Dream job?

i wanna be a director of photography for a movie or fashion photographer. i think that would be amazing :))


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Taken on June 29, 2012